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Serpent Queen by sparrow-chan

Should work on the depth of your shadows more. When the background is equal in value to the foreground it makes the whole thing appear flat and cartoonish. Also the light source is coming from behind her, yet the highlights of color are on her front, it's confusing to the eye and adds to the flatness. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you could have gone in two directions with this one: 1: Keep the light source where it is, with the background where it is, but darken her. 2: Move the light source, with the foreground as it is, and darken behind her. On a related note try darkening areas like creases and underneath her jawline; having those areas be equal in value adds to the flatness also. Overall great job, I just feel like you should be bolder with your values and your art will benefit from it.
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